I hold a Master of Teaching from OISE, with teachables in French and English. My research was on the role of students’ first languages in the learning of a new language. While there, I was awarded a merit-based OCT scholarship and featured in Professionally Speaking.

I currently teach at the independent Toronto District Christian High School in Woodbridge. So far I’ve taught mostly English and French (ENG2D/P, ENG3U/C, ENG4U/C, FSF1D, FSF3U, FSF4U), but have also taught Geography (CGC1D), Math (MPM1D), and Computer Science (ICS3U).

My philosophy of education is that students must primarily become curious, both about the world and about those around them. Curiosity about the world is the engine of academic success and curiosity about our fellow humans is fundamental to a healthy, humble sense of self.

Portrait by a Grade 9 student


Since 2015, I’ve offered one-on-one tutoring in many subjects, both privately and through agencies (TutorBright & Francophiles). My students have ranged from six years old to sixty, and have included all types, including those requiring special attention for individualized education plans (IEPs).


TA & Course Development

Intermittently from 2014–2019, I was a teaching assistant in U of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science (CSC108, CSC148, CSC207), primarily with Dr. Daniel Zingaro. I led labs, gave code reviews, evaluated software demos, and designed tools to assist in marking. In 2020 Dr. Zingaro also hired me to develop assignments and online assessments.


Sunday School

From 2011–2022, I volunteered teaching Sunday School for the Meeting House’ kids program. I work with children ages 6 to 10 from a set curriculum with some room to innovate. This age group can be a unique joy and a refreshing challenge!